Welcome to Grace Baptist Church/Truth Tapes

What’s so different about Grace Baptist Church, Jonesboro, Ga.?

This assembly of believers has been meeting together since the summer of 1975. During that time the Lord has allowed the focus of the church to be in the serious study of his dear word. There are no other “activities”. There are no other aims. There are just three services per week with singing, prayer and a one-hour preaching session. The Lord’s Day services are at 10:30 AM and 1:30 PM. The morning service is preceded by a half-hour teaching session with two separate classes; one for the adults and another for the children. There is also a Wednesday service at 7 PM… (Read more)


How Readest Thou?

There must be these evidences, these out-workings of the spirit of the letter within. For no one can prove the inner application of the law to their souls who does not have the outward fruit of the Spirit!

He Began To Say

Also those professors who are not willing to co-operate with the Holy Spirit in being made of “no reputation,” as was our Lord Jesus, (Phil. 2:7), will have the inordinate fear of not being liked, or not esteemed by their piers. And wanting to be accepted, will cause hypocrisy to rear its deceptive head, causing them to try to hide the strength of Christ’s truth, so as not to offend!

The Kingdom of God

Those who imagine themselves to have no part in religious and spiritual matters are positively for Satan! You cannot ignore the Lord Jesus and it not have horrible, eternal consequences for your soul!

Thieves and Robbers

True shepherds only come through the Door, which is Christ! (John 10:1,7,9). The Lord said that those who came before him, presenting themselves as the door, were but thieves and robbers.