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What’s so different about Grace Baptist Church, Jonesboro, Ga.?

This assembly of believers has been meeting together since the summer of 1975. During that time the Lord has allowed the focus of the church to be in the serious study of his dear word. There are no other “activities”. There are no other aims. There are just three services per week with singing, prayer and a one-hour preaching session. The Lord’s Day services are at 10:30 AM and 1:30 PM. The morning service is preceded by a half-hour teaching session with two separate classes; one for the adults and another for the children. There is also a Wednesday service at 7 PM… (Read more)


The Voice Was Past

~ The prophets, the evangelists, the preachers, the pastors, and the missionaries shall all be silenced. The revelation of the gospel – the mystery of God – shall be silenced, and eternally finished. ~

Spiritual Israel

WHO IS SPIRITUAL ISRAEL?   Here is set forth, without any man’s comments, just by the Holy Scriptures, the concepts of spiritual Israel. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear. Israel – Romans 9:6, 10:14; Galatians 3:7, 6:15-16; 1 Peter 2:9,10 Jerusalem – Galatians 4:25,26; Revelation 21:9-10 A Jew – Rom 2:28,29; Gal […]

Upon This Rock

And just what did the Lord clearly reveal that Peter’s blessedness originated from? He was blessed by what he had received, not by who he was in himself.

Perceive Ye Not Yet?

It is a dangerous matter for those who dedicate themselves to the life-long practice of religion, not to attain to a heavenly consciousness! It can only end in the destruction of the eternal soul!