Welcome to Grace Baptist Church/Truth Tapes

What’s so different about Grace Baptist Church, Jonesboro, Ga.?

This assembly of believers has been meeting together since the summer of 1975. During that time the Lord has allowed the focus of the church to be in the serious study of his dear word. There are no other “activities”. There are no other aims. There are just three services per week with singing, prayer and a one-hour preaching session. The Lord’s Day services are at 10:30 AM and 1:30 PM. The morning service is preceded by a half-hour teaching session with two separate classes; one for the adults and another for the children. There is also a Wednesday service at 7 PM… (Read more)


Thine They Were

And if there is one thing that the Holy Son of God makes us know is that every soul for whom he is to atone, were first the Fathers. And that the Father gave them to him for the purpose of causing them to know the Father!

When He is Come

One would be hard pressed to find those today who believe in the present reign of Christ and the past destruction of the kingdom of Satan! But our Lord states this as the reason for the conviction of the Holy Spirit concerning judgment!

These Things

For profession without possession is a very soul damning thing! Titus 1:16 They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate. James 1:22 But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.

Love and Obedience

In these verses he sets forth the spiritual character, and therefore the identity of the true church. It shall not be made up of, nor identified as an organization. It shall always be known as a spiritual organism!